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The Open Source project Dory was designed in 2017 to transition Docker Volume plugins to be used with Kubernetes. Dory is the shim between the FlexVolume exec calls to the Docker Volume API.


The main repository is not currently maintained and the most up-to-date version lives in the HPE Volume Driver for Kubernetes FlexVolume Plugin repository where Dory is packaged as a privileged DaemonSet to support HPE storage products. There may be other forks associated with other Docker Volume plugins out there.

Why is the driver called Dory?

Dory speaks whale!

Dynamic Provisioning

As the FlexVolume Plugin doesn't provide any dynamic provisioning, HPE designed a provisioner to work with Docker Volume plugins as well, Doryd, to have a complete solution for Docker Volume plugins. It's run as a Deployment and monitor PVC requests.

FlexVolume Plugin in Kubernetes

According to the Kubernetes SIG storage community, the FlexVolume Plugin interface will continue to be supported.

Move to CSI

HPE encourages using the available CSI drivers for Kubernetes 1.13 and newer where available.