HPE CSI Info Metrics Provider for Prometheus

The HPE CSI Driver for Kubernetes may be accompanied by a Prometheus metrics endpoint to provide metadata about the volumes provisioned by the CSI driver and supporting backends. It's conventionally deployed with HPE Storage Array Exporter for Prometheus to provide a richer set of metrics from the backend storage systems.

Metrics Provided

The exporter provides two metrics, "hpestoragecsi_volume_info" and "hpestoragecsi_backend_info".

Volume Info

Metric Type Description Value
hpestoragecsi_volume_info Gauge Indicates a volume whose provisioner is the HPE CSI Driver. 1

This metric includes the following labels.

Label Description
backend Backend hostname or IP address as defined in the Secret.
pv PersistentVolume name.
pvc PersistentVolumeClaim name.
pvc_namespace PersistentVolumeClaim Namespace.
storage_class StorageClass used to provision the PersistentVolume.
volume Volume handle used by the backend storage system.

Backend Info

Metric Type Description Value
hpestoragecsi_backend_info Gauge Indicates a storage system for which the HPE CSI driver is a provisioner. 1

This metric includes the following labels.

Label Description
backend Backend hostname or IP address as defined in the Secret.


The exporter may be installed either via Helm or through YAML manifests with the object definitions. It's recommended to use Helm as it's more convenient to manage the configuration of the deployment.


It's recommended to add a "cluster" target label to the deployment. The label is used in the provided Grafana dashboards.


The Helm chart is available on Artifact Hub. Instructions on how to manage and install the chart is available within the chart documentation.


It's highly recommended to install the CSI Info Metrics Provider with Helm.


Since Rancher v2.7 and HPE CSI Driver for Kubernetes v2.3.0 it's possible to install the HPE CSI Info Metrics Provider through the Apps interface in Rancher to use with Rancher Monitoring. Please see the Rancher partner page for more information.

Advanced Install

Before beginning an advanced install, determine how Prometheus will be deployed on the Kubernetes cluster as it will dictate how the scrape target will be configured with either a Service annotation or a ServiceMonitor CRD.

Start by downloading the manifest, which needs to be modified before applying to the cluster.

Version 1.0.2

Supports HPE CSI Driver for Kubernetes 2.0.0 and later.

wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/hpe-storage/co-deployments/master/yaml/csi-info-metrics/v1.0.2/hpe-csi-info-metrics.yaml

Optional ServiceMonitor definition:

wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/hpe-storage/co-deployments/master/yaml/csi-info-metrics/v1.0.2/hpe-csi-info-metrics-service-monitor.yaml

Configuring Advanced Install

Update the main container parameters and optionally add service labels and annotations.

In the "hpe-csi-info-metrics" Deployment at .spec.template.spec.containers[0].args in "hpe-csi-info-metrics.yaml":

            - "--telemetry.addr=:9099"
            - "--telemetry.path=/metrics"
            # IMPORTANT: Uncomment this argument to confirm your
            # acceptance of the HPE End User License Agreement at
            # https://www.hpe.com/us/en/software/licensing.html
            #- "--accept-eula"

Remove the # in front of --accept-eula to accept the HPE license restrictions.

In the "hpe-csi-info-metrics-service" Service:

  name: hpe-csi-info-metrics-service
  namespace: hpe-storage
    app: hpe-csi-info-metrics
    # Optionally add labels, for example to be included in Prometheus
    # metrics via a targetLabels setting in a ServiceMonitor spec
    #cluster: my-cluster
  # Optionally add annotations, for example to configure it as a
  # scrape target when using the Prometheus Helm chart's default
  # configuration.
  #  "prometheus.io/scrape": "true"

  • Apply and uncomment any custom labels. It's recommended to use a "cluster" label to use the provided Grafana dashboards.
  • If Prometheus has been deployed without the Operator, uncomment the annotation.

Apply the manifest:

kubectl apply -f hpe-csi-info-metrics.yaml

Optionally, if using the Prometheus Operator, add any additional labels in "hpe-csi-info-metrics-service-monitor.yaml":

  # Corresponding labels on the CSI Info Metrics service are added to
  # the scraped metrics
  #  - cluster

Apply the manifest:

kubectl apply -f hpe-csi-info-metrics-service-monitor.yaml

Pro Tip!

Avoid hand editing manifests by using the Helm chart.

Grafana Dashboards

Example Grafana dashboards, provided as is, are hosted on grafana.com.