This tutorial was presented at KubeCon North America 2020 Virtual. Content is relevant up to Kubernetes 1.19.


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Hands-on Labs

These are the Asciinema cast files used in the demo. If there's something in the demo you're particularly interested in, copy the text content from these embedded players.

Lab 1: Install a CSI driver

Lab 2: Dynamic provisioning

Lab 3: Deploy a StatefulSet

Lab 4: Create VolumeSnapshots

Lab 5: Clone from VolumeSnapshots

Lab 6: Clone from PVC

Lab 7: Restore from VolumeSnapshots

Lab 8: Using Raw Block Storage

Lab 9: Install Rook to leverage Raw Block Storage

Lab 10: Using Ephemeral Local Volumes

Lab 11: Using Generic Ephemeral Volumes

Additional resources

Source files for the Asciinema cast files and slide deck is available on GitHub.