The Commvault intelligent data management platform provides Kubernetes-native protection, application mobility, and disaster recovery for containerized applications. Combined with Commvault Command Centerâ„¢, Commvault provides enterprise IT operations and DevOps teams an easy-to-use, self-service dashboard for managing the protection of Kubernetes.

HPE and Commvault collaborate continuously to deliver assets relevant to our joint customers.

  • Data protection for Kubernetes using Commvault Backup & Recovery, HPE Apollo Servers, and HPE CSI Driver for Kubernetes (PDF)
  • Data Protection for Kubernetes using Commvault Backup & Recovery with HPE Alletra (YouTube)

Learn more about HPE and Commvault's partnership here: https://www.commvault.com/supported-technologies/hpe.


The HPE CSI Driver has been validated on Commvault Complete Backup and Recovery 2022E. Check that the HPE CSI Driver and Commvault software versions are compatible with the Kubernetes version being used.


This guide assumes you have administrative access to Commvault Command Center and administrator access to a Kubernetes cluster with kubectl. Refer to the Creating a Service Account for Kubernetes Authentication documentation to define a serviceaccount and clusterrolebinding with cluster-admin permissions.

Cluster requirements

The cluster needs to be running Kubernetes 1.22 or later and have the CSI snapshot CustomResourceDefinitions (CRDs) and the CSI external snapshotter deployed. Follow the guides available on SCOD to:


The rest of this guide assumes the default VolumeSnapshotClass and VolumeSnapshots are functional within the cluster with a compatible Kubernetes snapshot API level between the CSI driver and Commvault.

Configure Kubernetes protection

To configure data protection for Kubernetes, follow the official Commvault documentation and ensure the version matches the software version in your environment. As a summary, complete the following:

Backup and Restores

To perform snapshot and restore operations through Commvault using the HPE CSI Driver for Kubernetes, please refer to the Commvault documentation.


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